December Intensive Course

Monday 4th Dec to Friday 15th Dec 2023.

At the end of each year we hold our annual December Intensive Course.

Learn to Swim:  This is a 10 day course which runs weekdays (Mon -Fri) over a two week period. It is aimed at boosting your child’s swimming and safety skills for the holiday period.

Todswim (6 months to 2.5 years) Mini Course: Tues, Wed and Thursdays over two weeks, mornings only.
A parent/caregiver to accompany child in the pool. The lessons take place mornings and are group lessons, 30 minutes in duration.

We take beginners who cannot swim independently, intermediate swimmers who can swim independently and swimmers who are learning the 4 swimming strokes.

For our swimmers, aged 2 to 4years or special needs swimmers, we take them one on one with the teacher for 15 minutes.

Swimmers aged 4 to 6 years are matched with a partner according to age and ability (beginner/intermediated/advanced) in a 15 minute lesson.

Having a partner adds an element of fun and new friendships are formed while learning this vital life skill. This prepares our young swimmers for school swimming which is in groups (squads).

We observe faster progression due to the frequency of lessons.

Please send enquiry for days and times of classes.

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