One instructor teaches in the pool at a time,
minimising distractions and providing the optimum learning environment.


January Booster Swimming Course

Dates 11th Jan to 15th Jan ( Monday to Friday)


Established in 2004, our primary focus is babies from 6 months to children of 6 years old. Warm water, toys and songs promote an optimum child friendly environment, making learning how to swim a positive experience.

Babies and children are progressed step by step using age appropriate skills. Encouragement and praise are the order of the day! Baby and parent classes introduce water awareness, safety skills and water orientation to our youngest swimmers, while parents take away valuable practical skills to use at home. Young children from 2 and a half are taught on a one on one basis with the teacher. The use of progression charts help to track their progress while giving them a sense of achievement and pride. Classes are structured and centred on routine, repetition and demonstration.

Children from 4 years are taught the basics of all four strokes, laying a solid foundation for future swimming.


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